Flirt Prom pretty prom pins

We’ve compiled a few of our prettiest prom pins…

These gorgeous prom dresses are part of our latest 2014 collection. First, pick your best silhouette. Pear shaped? Look for a dress that plays up your slender waist and toned shoulders. Any of our prom ballgown styles are going to look awesome on you! For those gals with curves, our purple fit-and-flare will be super stunning and flattering. Next, top each of these dresses of with a splash of sparkle and you’re set! Each one different from the next, you’re sure to find a prom dress as unique as you!

Flirt Prom yellow prom dress P4832 Flirt Prom gold and white prom dress P5837
Flirt Prom blue prom dress P5807 Flirt Prom gold and white prom dress P4857
Flirt Prom purple and nude prom dress P4881